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Dr. Philip Rock

Dr. Philip Rock

Batten Professor of Biology

Blocker 7


Enjoys finding and identifying wild mushrooms and other fungi; home brewing of beer and mead (honey wine) and has experience teaching a home brewing class; experience as a "stay-at-home" dad.

Faculty Features:

A Way with Worms

Nickol, B.B., C.A. Fuller, and P. Rock. 2006. Cystacanths of Oncicola venezuelensis (Acanthocephala: Oligacanthorynchidae) in Caribbean Termites and Various Paratenic Hosts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Journal of Parasitology 92:539-542. Fuller, C.A., Rock, P., Philips, T.J. 2003. Behavior, Color Changes and Predation Risk Induced by Acanthocephalan Parasitism in theCaribbean Termite Nasutitermes acajutlae, Caribbean Journal of Science 39: (1):128-135.

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