2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Lynchburg vs. Virginia Wesleyan
  Date: Nov 06, 2013 • Site: Virginia Beach

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
[87:36]  Yellow card on LCM David Yates.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
[86:12]  LCM substitution: John Paul Lopez for Ben Grossfuss.
[86:12]  LCM substitution: JJ Graci for Thomas Salamone.
 *6yd mid over goalie
Virginia Wesleyan 4, Lynchburg 2
[85:27]  GOAL by VWCM Travis Walke, Assist by Zach Landis.
[84:28]  Shot by VWCM Josh Kemp, SAVE Jonathan Sheffield.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
[83:35]  Offside against Virginia Wesleyan.
[83:09]  LCM substitution: Ben Grossfuss for Brandon Webster.
[83:09]  VWCM substitution: Travis Walke for Josh Richardson.
[81:40]  Shot by VWCM Josh Richardson BLOCKED.
 Corner kick by VWCM Josh Kemp [81:16].
[79:55]  Shot by VWCM Josh McNamara, SAVE Jonathan Sheffield.
 Corner kick by VWCM Josh Kemp [79:41].
[79:18]  VWCM substitution: Josh Kemp for Alex Castelli.
[79:18]  VWCM substitution: Kyle Fisher for Chris Cooke.
[79:18]  LCM substitution: David Yates for Ricardo Manosalvas.
[78:45]  Yellow card on LCM Ricardo Manosalvas.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
[78:20]  LCM substitution: Tim Clancy for Josh Hinkle.
 Corner kick by VWCM Chris Cooke [76:21].
[75:47]  LCM substitution: Trevor Davis for Frankie Winski.
[75:47]  LCM substitution: Chaz Ashton for Ben Grossfuss.
[75:47]  LCM substitution: Michael Venegas for Kyle Perkins.
[75:47]  VWCM substitution: Josh Richardson for Nick Dudek.
[75:47]  VWCM substitution: Isaac Arrington for Austin VonVille.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
 Corner kick by LCM Kyle Perkins [73:58].
[73:19]  LCM substitution: Zack Miller for Michael Venegas.
[72:02]  VWCM substitution: Austin VonVille for Robert Holschuh.
[71:54]  Header Shot by VWCM Brian Cornell HIGH.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
[69:44]  VWCM substitution: Alex Castelli for Josh Kemp.
 Corner kick by VWCM Josh Kemp [68:37].
 Foul on Lynchburg.
[67:20]  LCM substitution: Brandon Webster for Chaz Ashton.
[66:17]  LCM substitution: Thomas Salamone for Trevor Davis.
[66:17]  LCM substitution: Ricardo Manosalvas for David Yates.
[66:17]  VWCM substitution: Chris Cooke for Kyle Fisher.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
[64:29]  LCM substitution: Kyle Perkins for Daniel Jobrack.
[64:29]  VWCM substitution: Nick Dudek for Travis Walke.
[62:24]  Shot by VWCM Josh McNamara WIDE.
[60:46]  LCM substitution: Frankie Winski for Tim Clancy.
[60:46]  VWCM substitution: Robert Holschuh for Isaac Arrington.
[60:42]  Shot by LCM Michael Venegas HIGH.
 *10yd lft to rt side
Virginia Wesleyan 3, Lynchburg 2
[58:03]  GOAL by VWCM Isaac Arrington, Assist by Josh Kemp.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
[56:38]  Shot by VWCM Josh Kemp HIGH.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
[55:23]  LCM substitution: Daniel Jobrack for Zack Miller.
[55:23]  LCM substitution: Ben Grossfuss for Brandon Webster.
[53:52]  Header Shot by VWCM Kyle Fisher, SAVE Jonathan Sheffield.
[49:33]  Shot by LCM John Paul Lopez HIT POST.
 Corner kick by LCM Michael Venegas [49:18].
[47:22]  Header Shot by VWCM Travis Walke WIDE.
 Foul on Lynchburg.
 *20yds out rt side
Lynchburg 2, Virginia Wesleyan 2
[45:10]  GOAL by VWCM Isaac Arrington, Assist by Travis Walke.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].