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Joyce B. Howell, Ph.D

Joyce B. Howell, Ph.D

Professor of Art History Co-Chair, Academic Effectiveness Committee

Birdsong 106


Ph.d., History of Art, University of Virginia, 1988. Dissertation: Eugene Delacroix's Education as a Draftsman

M.A., History of Art, University of Virginia, 1982. Fields for Comprehensives: Italian Renaissance and American Art History

                B.A., University of Virginia, 1974. Double Major: History of Art and Religious Studies, Phi Beta Kappa

“Review, Encyclopedia of American Folk Art, Gerard C. Wertkin, Ed.,” Journal of American Culture, v 27, #4, Dec. 2004 “Eugène Delacroix’s Review of Le Dessin sans maître and the modernized discourse of drawing,” Word & Image, v. 21, no. 3, Aug.-Dec., 2005 “Questions that Matter: Using Inquiry-Guided Faculty Development to Create an Inquiry-Guided Learning Curriculum,” Lisa Carstens co-author, in Lee, V.S., Ed., Inquiry-guided learning. New Directions For Teaching and Learning, No.129, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2012, 51-59. “Review, Photographic Memories: Private pictures, Public Images, and American History, Robert Kroes,” Journal of American Culture, v 31, #, #1, Mar. 2008 "Eugène Delacroix and Color: Practice, Theory, and Legend," Athanor, II, 1982, 37-43. "Delacroix's Lithographs of Antique Coins," Gazette des Beaux-Arts, July-Aug. 1994, 15-24.

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