Approved non-AMST Courses

American Studies @ VWC

Approved non-AMST courses*


CATEGORY 1: Social scientific approaches

CJ 360 Courts in the Am. Criminal Justice System POLS 112 Introduction to American Government
CRFRELS 355 Law and Religion in America POLS 201 State & Local Government & Politics
HHS 380 Aging in America POLS 202 Ethnicity and Politics: Latinos in America
HHS 410 Homeless in America POLS 203 Local Politics: S. Hampton Roads
HIST 220 The Civil War & Reconstruction POLS 205 Law in American Politics & Culture
HIST 250 Topics in History (American Topics only, check with instructor) POLS 207 The American Presidency
HIST 286 Banned Books POLS 237 American Legislative Process
HIST 303 17th- and 18th-Century America POLS 239 American Political Thought
HIST 313 19th-Century America POLS 270 The Constitution and Criminal Procedure           [ = CJ 270]
HIST 314 First and Second Great Awakenings POLS 302 Ethnicity and Politics: Latinos in America
HIST 317 History of Virginia POLS 305 Law in American Politics & Culture
HIST 322 Religion & Social Issues in America History POLS 307 The Presidency and the American Political System
HIST 325 Radicalism, Terrorism, and Violence in American History POLS 308 Elections in American Politics
HIST 328 U.S. Foreign Relations,1763-1919 POLS 335 American Government
HIST 352 U.S. Women's History POLS 337 American Legislative Process
HIST 380 Dos Passos's USA POLS 360 The Media and 20th Century American Foreign Policy
HIST 381 The South of Erskine Caldwell POLS 371 Constitutional Law I: The Federal System
HIST 405 "Born to Shop?" The History of Modern Consumer Culture in the U.S. POLS 372 Constitutional Law II: Substantive Rights
HIST 417 History of the Old South POLS 440 Seminar: American Foreign Policy
HIST 418 History of the New South
HIST 425 Brother Can You Spare a Paintbrush? The Arts Projects of the WPA
HIST 428 Atlantic Slavery
HIST 433 Globalization and Empire in American History
HIST 440 Seminar in American History


CATEGORY 2: Humanistic approaches

ARTH 341 American Art INST 126 Music and Folk Culture of the Southern Appalachians
COMM 333 Special Topics in Media Studies (approved as appropriate) INST 420 The American Wilderness
COMM 336 Filmmaking on Hollywood, In Hollywood RELST 140 Religion in American Culture
ENG 251 Diversity in American Literature RELST 157 Bible in American Culture/Life
ENG 258 African-American Literature RELST 232 Religion & American Politics
ENG 261 American Women Writers RELST 233 Religious Battles in Court
ENG 266 Transatlantic Romanticism RELST 250 Religion & Popular Culture
ENG 271 Southern Literature RELST 327 Religion, Law, & the Schools
ENG 284 American Literature RELST 363/463 Sports & Religion
ENG 285 Contemporary American Literature SPAN 265 U.S. Latino Culture
ENG 286 Banned Books SPAN 350 Hispanic American Women Writers
ENG 303 Topics in American Literature SPAN 365 U.S. Latino Culture
ENG 310 Distinctive Voices in Contemporary American Poetry SPAN 422 Modern Spanish-American Fiction
ENG 378 The American Novel WGS 219 Women in Culture and Society
ENG 385 American Protest Literature


Theories & Methods courses:

COMM 321 Mass Communication Theories and Research Methods SOC 345 Foundations of Sociology
ENG 311 Theory & Criticism SOSCI 351 Research Methods for the Social Sciences
HIST 360 Junior Research Seminar WGS 319 Feminist & Gender Theory

* Course list subject to change without notice. For most accurate list, please contact the Program Director, Prof. Eric Mazur

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