Staying Connected

Alumni and FriendsLife changing college experiences help to shape who you are today.  Whether you're an alumnus or someone who is invested in and committed to Virginia Wesleyan College, we hope you will connect with our vision for the future and reconnect with our campus community.

Friends, Parents, Corporations and Foundations will find further information about supporting the College and becoming more involved by proceeding to College Advancement.

Alumni Pull up a chair….you are always welcome at your alma mater!

Alumni Association logoIt is an exciting time to be an alumnus of Virginia Wesleyan College. The Board of Directors of the Alumni Association have worked hard to develop a strategic plan centered on the importance for ALL Alumni to be involved in the life of the college. We have adopted four words that support our mission as Alumni: Connect Participate, Champion, and Support. Whether it’s through help with recruiting, interacting with current students, attending events, or giving to your favorite VWC program, we encourage alumni involvement. There are no annual memberships dues, ALL graduates of the College will be members or the Alumni Association. The Adirondack chair has become a staple around campus.  It is a symbol of welcome and comfort. We chose this as out logo because we want you to know there is always a chair waiting for you! When you graduate from Virginia Wesleyan, you take a little bit of us with you and you also leave a little something behind to enrich the college experience for those who follow. We are part of each other. Deep down, we are connected; Once a Marlin Always a Marlin.

Connect. Our annual Alumni Association events are great times to reconnect with old classmates and your favorite professors.  Members receive discounted admission to events such as the Annual Alumni Homecoming Tailgate, Wesleyan Wednesday, Class and Club Reunions, athletic games and campus activities.  We also partner with some of your favorite traditions like Seafood Party in the Dell, President’s Bar-B-Q, and the Campus Tree Lighting. You should also plan to connect with current students through speakers’ series, invitations to classes and networking opportunities.

Participate. We encourage our alumni not only to participate in campus events like VWC day, graduation, job fairs and award celebrations but also to get their friends involved!  When you invite your fellow alumni and friends to attend, the event benefits that much more from a strong alumni presence.  Your personal invitation is important.

Champion. Who better than alumni to help with recruiting??  Your fun times, connections to faculty and staff and success are the best ways to tell the VWC story.  And, you don’t have to be in Hampton Roads to help tell our story! 

Support.  Support comes in many forms.  Talk about VWC to others.  Wear your favorite Marlin gear to a service project.  Come to campus to events.  Email your favorite professor or staff member to say hello.  Make a personal gift to the area of the College that means the most to you.

Pay it forward. Alumni give annually to many areas of the College that are meaningful to them.  Gifts from graduations provide valuable dollars for continued excellence for VWC programs, sports and scholarships.  In addition, it raises our alumni participation rate to make us a top tier institution. Make your gift here.

Keep in touch.  Let us know what you're doing through our Alumni Relations office, and stay in touch so we can keep sharing our vision for Virginia Wesleyan. You are a big reason for our undying optimism for the future. When we see what you, our alumni, have accomplished, we know the current generation of students and the Virginia Wesleyan campus as a whole has a strong ally in all our endeavors in pursuit of academic excellence.