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Tuition & Fees

Day Students
Tuition-Full Time $33,778
Tuition-Part time (less than 12 credit hours per semester) $1,408 per credit hour
Tuition-Overload $1,408 for each add'l hour over 18 credit hours
Adult Studies Students (ASP)
Adult Studies Classes $386 per credit hour
ASP taking Day Classes $1,408 per credit hour
Senior Citizens $50 per class
Other Students (not for credit) $50 per hour
Other Students (for credit)-ASP $386 per credit hr
Other Students (for credit)-Day $1,408 per credit hr
Summer Students $386 per credit hr
Winter Session
Full time Students (12+ hrs) fall & spring $225 Day
Part time fall or spring $225+1,408 per hr
ASP Students $386 per credit hr
Day Students finishing up Grad. Requirements $386 per credit hr
Winter Housing $375

*Does not include additional cost for Suites in Village II, Brock Village and Village IV, Lab Fees, Single Room, Townhouse, Health Insurance, etc.

Making Payments

In addition to the options listed on the award letter, students and/or parents can enroll in the Tuition Management Systems (TMS) monthly payment plan, make payments via check or credit card, borrow additional loan funds, etc. to cover any remaining balance.

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