Summer Sessions


Summer Sessions Offerings

Virginia Wesleyan College Summer Sessions is open to current VWC students as well as students from other colleges who wish to transfer credits back to their home institutions. Courses are offered in a variety of academic areas – Click here to see the offerings in each session.

For more information, please visit or contact the Office of Enrollment Services.
Phone: 757.455.3263

Current VWC students should contact their advisers for course approval to be released to register. Continuing students may register online.

Non-VWC students who wish to take courses and have the credits transferred back to their home institution, need to fill out a Visiting Student Application.

Visiting Students

  1. Receive approval to take a VWC course from your home institution.
  2. Complete the Visiting Student Application and submit to the Office of Enrollment Services.

Great Value!

Regardless of whether you're a current VWC student or a visiting student, summer session at Virginia Wesleyan College is a great value.  Tuition is only $399 per credit hour - 70% less than during the regular school year.  Catch up or get ahead.  Graduate on time or graduate early.  Take advantage of a great opportunity to maximize your tuition dollars by enrolling in courses this summer.