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Have we answered your question? If not, please call us at 455-3263 or email us at and we would be happy to assist you!

Make an Appointment with an Adviser

We highly recommend that you make an appointment with an adviser prior to applying to the Adult Studies Program. Our advisers will answer your questions and talk with you about your education goals and how our degree programs will fit into your plans. If you have credits from previous college level course work, the adviser also will be able to estimate how your credits may apply to the degree in which you are interested. (Final application of transfer credits is determined by the College Registrar’s Office upon receipt of official transcripts.) You will also be able to get additional information about the Adult Studies Program and an application. To make an appointment, call the Adult Studies Office at 455-3263.

Applying to the Adult Studies Program

There are no entrance tests required for the program, however, it is a program for adults and you must be at least 23 years old and have a 2.0 GPA cumulative average from any prior college level coursework. High School graduates and GED certificate holders are also considered for admission but must meet with an adviser prior to applying.

There are several ways you can apply: 1.) You can make an appointment with an adviser to discuss your education goals and review your previous transcripts and the adviser will discuss how to apply and give you an application. 2.) An application will be included in the folder of information you receive when you request more information about the program by calling 455-3263, or sending an email inquiry through the Electronic Request form 3.) You can also Download an Application from the Adult Studies website.

Checklist for Potential New Students

  • Meet with an adviser.
  • Submit your application along with the $30 fee and your essay.
  • Request that your official transcripts from previous schools (High School and College) be sent directly to the Adult Studies Office. (Official transcripts must be sent directly to us through the mail!)
  • Apply for Financial Aid (if applicable) at and indicate that Virginia Wesleyan is to receive the information. (Only when your official transcripts have arrived, been evaluated by the Registrar’s Office and you have been ‘Admitted’ can Financial Aid be awarded.)
  • Once your application and all your official transcripts have been received, you can then be reviewed for Admission.
  • After receiving your admission Acceptance Letter, make an appointment with your adviser to choose courses for the upcoming semester.

Apply for Readmission

You will need to apply for Readmission to the college if you have previously been a VWC student but have not taken classes for one semester or more (excluding summer session). To reapply, Download the Applicationand fill out the sections outlined in the instructions, as well as section ‘B’ which specifically applies to Readmission.

You must request and submit official transcripts from any colleges you have attended since you were last enrolled at Virginia Wesleyan College, and make an appointment with your ASP adviser by calling 757.455.3263. Note: If it has been more than five years since you have attended VWC, you will need to resubmit official copies of all transcripts from previous colleges and your high school (the College does not retain transcripts beyond five years of your last year attended).

Activate my VWC email address

It is critically important that you activate your address and frequently check your VWC email. You will receive all important College, Adult Studies Program, advising and course notices and communications through this address. There are also a variety of additional features with this access that can be helpful to you – saving documents, a calendar, to-do function, weather, chat functions and others. You should have received a Tech Packet at your New Student Orientation when you first enrolled. If you did not activate your email address at that time, you must contact the ASP office to make arrangements to get your Tech information and establish your account with Computer Services.

Forward VWC email to my personal account

If you already have an account and would like to forward your emails to your personal account:

  • Go to the VWC Home page and click Email on the top menu bar
  • Log in to your account
  • On the ‘Email’ headline bar on the right, click on ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’
  • Select ‘Add a forwarding address’ and enter your email address
  • Click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page

Receive or Replace an ID card

Once you are an admitted and registered student, you are required to obtain a student ID. This is generally done during New Student Orientation. If you were not able to attend the orientation, you must go to the Security Office in Village I. Call in advance to arrange an ID picture time at 455-3349. Security office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Access WebAdvisor

Access WebAdvisor by clicking the link in the top menu bar of the VWC Home Page. Sign in with your user name and password (same as your email account).

Access Blackboard

Check to see if your instructor(s) will be using Blackboard as part of the course. To access Blackboard:

  • Go to the VWC Home page and click Blackboard in the top menu bar
  • Enter your user name and password (which is the same as your email)
  • Under ‘My Courses’ click the course for which you are enrolled

Get a parking decal

Register your vehicle through WebAdvisor. Have your vehicle registration handy for the information you will need. Once in WebAdvisor, click on ‘Apply for Decal.’ You will need your:

  • Driver’s License number
  • Insurance Company’s name
  • Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Vehicle VIN# (found on your vehicle registration)

Fill in all the requested information and then click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page. Bring your vehicle registration and check or cash for the $100 Parking fee to the Adult Studies Office (within the first 2 weeks of class!) to receive your parking sticker.

Search for Adult Studies courses offered

  • On the VWC homepage, click WebAdvisor on the top menu bar
  • Under WebAdvisor, click ‘Proceed to WebAdvisor login’
  • Click ‘Search for Courses’ at the right
  • Click ‘VWC - Search for Sections’ on the left
  • In the ‘Term’ pull down menu on the left, select the semester you wish to search
  • In ‘Sections Meeting After’ select the time after which you want to look for classes
  • Click the 'ASP' box

This search will return all available courses offered for ASP students. If you want to search for courses for a certain Subject, Course Level, Course Number or Section, select this information in the other pull down menus available. If you want to search for a particular ‘Frame of Reference’ type of course use the ‘Types’ pull down menu on the right.

Once you have the list of courses, to view more specific course information, click on the course name link under ‘Section Name and Title.’

Find Course Description Information

There are several different places to find course description information:

Review My Degree Program

To review your progress in your degree program and find out which requirements you have outstanding, click ‘WebAdvisor’ on the top menu bar of the VWC Home page. Log in with your user name and password. Click the red ‘Students’ box. Under the Academic Profile list, click Program Evaluation (Degree Audit).

Determine my class status

Log in to your WebAdvisor account. Under ‘Academic Profile,’ view your ‘Academic History’ which will tell you how many credit hours you have completed.

  • 0-23 hours – Freshman
  • 24-53 hours – Sophomore
  • 54-84 hours – Junior
  • 85+ hours – Senior

Register for Classes

  • Review your academic record and determine which courses you may need
  • Look through the list of Adult Studies courses being offered
  • Contact your adviser by email, phone or meet with them by appointment
  • Discuss and select your courses with your adviser
  • Your adviser will ‘Release’ you to take the courses selected and fill out a Registration Form for you
  • Turn in your ETD form or have your Financial Aid in place (if applicable) for the courses prior to coming in to the ASP office to fill out your Promissory Note (a contract obligating you to pay your tuition).
  • Once the Promissory Note information has been entered into the system, the Adult Studies Office will administratively ‘Release’ you to register for your courses (please allow time for processing).

Once you have been 1.) Released by your Adviser, 2.) Administratively Released by the Adult Studies Office, and 3.) Cleared any 'HOLDS' that might be on your record, you will be able to register for your classes online through WebAdvisor. If you are a first time or readmitted student, the front desk will register you for your classes at the time you turn in your Employer Tuition Deferral form/have your Financial Aid in place and complete the Promissory Note.

Paying for classes

The Adult Studies Office accepts Employer Tuition Benefits, Veterans Benefits, MyCAA and Financial Aid as well as cash, checks and money orders for the payment of tuition. The office does not accept credit cards directly, however, you can pay by American Express, MasterCard and Discover (VISA is not accepted) online through www.afford .com. Payment plans can also be set up through by calling 1-888-356-0350). A fee is charged for these services. For all methods of payment, a Promissory Note to the College must be completed in the ASP Office and payment is due according to the dates specified in the Promissory Note.

Employer Tuition Deferral

The Adult Studies Program offers a plan for deferred tuition payment if you will be using tuition benefits from your employer. This plan allows you to pay for your classes after you have successfully completed the course and been reimbursed by your employer.

  • Determine your courses with your Adviser
  • Your Adviser will Release you for the classes and fill out a Course Registration form for you
  • Pick up an ETD form in the ASP Office or download the ETD Form
  • Fill out the form completely, including the course numbers and credit hours
  • Have it signed by your company’s Benefit or HR representative
  • Turn in the ETD form to the ASP Office
  • Fill out your Promissory Note with the front desk staff
  • An ETD form needs to be filled out each semester

Once your ETD and Promissory Note information have been entered into the system (please allow time for processing) you will be released to register for your classes online through WebAdvisor. If you are a first time or readmitted student, the front desk will register you for your classes.

Financial Aid

To use financial aid, you will need to complete the FAFSA application online at . You are required to do this before you can apply for the PELL Grant or student loans. File the online financial aid application form at least six weeks before the ASP registration/payment deadlines.

Your official transcripts must be:

  • Requested from ALL previous institutions,
  • Received by Virginia Wesleyan College. Official transcripts must be sent directly from your previous schools to the Virginia Wesleyan Adult Studies Program by mail. We cannot accept hand delivered transcripts for evaluation.
  • Transcripts have to be evaluated by the Registrar’s Office BEFORE the College can process your financial aid.

The last two steps each may take several weeks or more, particularly in the busy period right before a semester begins, so plan ahead and allow yourself enough time.

After VWC’s Financial Aid office has received your Student Aid Report (ISIR), they will send you a Financial Aid Packet. This packet will include information about student loans. For more information, you can email our financial aid office at or visit Financial Aid on our website.

Veterans Benefits

If you plan to use your GI BILL® benefits, you will need to contact the Adult Studies Veterans Certifying Official, Pamela Paramore, at 455-3238. Once you have been approved, you can defer the tuition until you begin to receive payments for your benefits.

Sign up for classes online

If you are a returning student, you will register for your classes online through your WebAdvisor account. (If you are a first time or readmitted student, you will need to register through the front desk for your classes.) In order to complete your registration for courses, you must:

  • Be ‘Released’ by your advisor to take the courses
  • Complete all required paperwork (such as an ETD form or a Financial Aid application through FAFSA) and a Promissory Note with the ASP Office
  • And, once the above forms have been processed, be administratively ‘Released’ by the ASP Office
  • To register online:
  • Log in to your WebAdvisor account with your user name and password
  • Click on the RED Students box
  • Under Registration, Click ‘VWC - Search for Sections’ input your course information, and follow the prompts

Get a course syllabus

The instructor for your course will provide you with a syllabus, generally on the first night of class. You can also email the instructor in advance and ask whether the syllabus for the course is available early via email.

Drop/Add or Withdraw from a class

Drops/Adds and Withdrawals must be approved with the signature of your adviser on a Course Registration form and completed with your signature in person in the Adult Studies Office. If a class has already begun, the Course Selection form requesting the Drop/Add or Withdrawal must also be signed by the instructor. If you withdraw from all classes, you will be “un-enrolling” and the additional submission of a ‘Withdrawal from the College’ form is required. For complete information on these actions, including the deadline dates and academic and financial consequences, please consult the Drop/Add or Withdraw Policy brochure for the applicable semester.

Receive credit for what I already know

You may be able to receive credit for general knowledge that you already have through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Go to the Registrar’s pageand click ‘CLEP exam information and application.’ Read the information page and then click ‘Continue’ at the bottom for a list of CLEP exams that can be taken and the credit hour awarded for successful completion. To register for a CLEP test with the Registrar, log in at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.

Receive notification of weather or other emergencies

There are several ways you will be notified of weather or other emergencies:

  • Every page on the VWC website will carry a message banner at the top with notifications
  • Click the ‘Emergency Information’ link in the top menu bar of the VWC Home page or on any notice bar
  • Local Television and Radio stations will broadcast a list of schools that have delays or cancellations
  • You can call 455-5711 for information
  • Virginia Wesleyan utilizes the LiveSafe mobile app to communicate directly with students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency. This voluntary app also allows members of the VWC community to report safety concerns directly to our Campus Security team.

    To begin using LiveSafe:

    • Find and install “LiveSafe” from your iOS or Android app store
    • Select Virginia Wesleyan College as your local agency
    • Enter your profile information and VWC email address

Change my personal information

If you change addresses, phone numbers, personal email addresses, employer or other information please update your file in your WebAdvisor account under ‘Communication.’

Get academic assistance

There are several services available to Adult Studies students who are seeking help with their academic work. The Learning and Writing Centers offer peer and professional tutoring by appointment or during scheduled sessions. Workshops on academic skills are also available. Peer tutoring and academic skills workshops are free to students.

Receive career counseling

The VWC Career Service Center provides a variety of assistance for students wishing to focus their career including: individual career counseling, workshops & programs, graduate school information, internships & externships, resume & cover letter assistance, interview preparation/ mock interviews, job search guidance, online job & internship database access and FOCUS-2, an online career and education planning tool.

Talk to a personal counselor

The Student Counseling Centerprovides a place for you to come and talk about whatever life issues or problems are bothering you. From stress, to relationship issues, to difficulty with drugs or alcohol, no problem is too big or too small. The counselors sincerely want to help and you can talk confidentially, without worrying about being judged or put down for your thoughts, feelings, or actions. Call 757-455-5730.

General Campus information (455-3200)

Security Contact Information

  • Campus Security emergency number - 757.233.8888 (on campus dial 8888)
  • Campus Security non-emergency number - 757.455.3349 (day), 757.455.3289 (evening)
  • Inclement weather hotline/emergency closing - 757.455.5711
  • College's emergency Web site -
  • Front gate, College entrance - 757.455.3289
  • Security information on the web site

Arrange for a Security escort to my car (Evening) - call 455-3289

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