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Courses for Winter & Spring 2011


Contact your adviser for an appointment by calling the Adult Studies Office at 455-3263. Your adviser will help you identify classes you need to take in support of your degree program. Class schedules for Winter and Spring are available for you to view in WebAdvisor.

Winter & Spring Course Schedules - WebAdviser

How do I view a list of courses available?
Click on the 'Winter & Spring Course Schedules' link above. Click 'Search for Courses' in the upper right hand area of the screen. Click 'VWC-Search for Sections' on the next screen in the lower left. Then, in the next window on the left side of the screen, at the top, select the term - Winter or Spring - from the pull down menu. Farther down, choose a time from the 'Sections Meeting After' pull down menu (ie. 5 p.m.). Finally, click the ASP box. Click SUMBIT and the list of courses will come up.

Check this page periodically for special announcements!

  • Consult with your adviser regarding course selection
  • Download an ETD form, fill in your courses, have it signed by your company representative
  • Turn in your ETD, Fill out your Promissory Note to complete your Release to Register

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