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PowerPoint Templates

The following template pages can be used in PowerPoint presentations created by students, faculty and staff when representing Virginia Wesleyan College in an official capacity.

Please consult our Editorial Guidelines or Graphic Standards for specific questions regarding approved styles.

  1. First left-click and save the file you wish to use in your presentation to your computer.
  2. Click the slide that you want to add a background picture to. To select multiple slides, click a slide, and then press and hold CTRL while you click the other slides.
  3. On the Design tab, in the Background group, click Background Styles, and then click Format Background.
  4. Click Fill, and then click Picture or texture fill.
  5. To insert a picture from a file, click File, and then locate and double-click the picture that you want to insert.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To use the picture as a background for the slides that you selected, click Close.
    • To use the picture as a background for all of the slides in your presentation, click Apply to All.
  7. Please note, Office/Powerpoint 2013 has a widescreen and a standard slide format. The slides below are in the standard format. Read instructions for switching format here.


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