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Winter Session

WHY should you take a Winter Session course?

  • You may enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of travel course opportunities: trips to Hawaii, Belize, Athens and Istanbul, around Virginia, Berlin, and the Blackfeet Native American Reservation in Montana.
  • You may wish to take an unusual course such as "Music and Folk Culture of the Southern Appalachians",  "The Psychology of Eating Disorders", or "Experimental Film and Video."
  • You may want to get involved in the community, through courses such as "Homelessness in America" or "Service Learning."
  • You may like to get ahead in your courses or complete general studies requirements in disciplines ranging from math and English to psychology, religious studies, theatre, communications, German, and business.
  • You may appreciate the intimate and engaging experience, with small classes with a specific focus.
  • You may recognize that December 13 to January 27 is WAY too long of a break (and that by Jan. 2 you will be ready for something engaging on campus). OR
  • You may have heard fellow students say that these courses have changed their lives . . . and that the cost (basically a registration fee and any related travel or food costs) is so low that this really is a great value and wonderful opportunity.

We strongly encourage first year students to take advantage of Winter Session. We look forward to your participation!

Dr. Susan Wansink

Director of Winter Session


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