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Undergraduate Research Grant For Individual Conference Attendance

The Undergraduate Research Program accepts proposals from individual students to support travel to attend academic conferences. In most cases, the maximum award is $250 to cover travel, ground transportation, accommodations, and the conference registration fee. Dining expenses will not be supported. Any cost overruns will be the responsibility of the student unless specifically cleared by the Undergraduate Research committee.



If awarded a conference travel grant, the student is expected to complete the following:

  1. Meet with the Director of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Sara Sewell, soon after the announcement of the award. Email Dr. Sewell ( to set up an appointment.
  2. Make all financial arrangements for the conference through VWC's Business Office with Ms. Midge Zimmerman. You may contact Ms. Zimmerman at
  3. After the conference, submit an itemized expense record to Dr. Sewell.
  4. After the conference, submit 2 or 3 photographs of you at the conference (i.e. presenting a paper/poster or with a conference sign/banner). These pictures might be used for publicity.

Student Information
Conference Information
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An email will be sent to your faculty advisor requestig a letter of endorsement

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