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Student Research Projects

Got Nitro? (documentary film)

Student Reischa Curran
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. Stuart Minnis
Department Communication
Course Independent Research Project


The project was to complete a short documentary film on a subject of my choosing. Building on the premise that people can be obsessive about their hobbies, I have made a film about the members of the Virginia On-Road Racing Association (VORRA), a radio-controlled (R/C) racing club with members from all across the commonwealth. In preparation for the project, I analyzed a number of classic documentary films, particularly films such as Errol Morris' Fast, Cheap and Out of Control and Roger Nygard's Trekkies, films that explore the personal passions of the people they are about. R/C racing is, likewise, an American subculture with a remarkably devoted following, comprised of hobbyists that dedicate extraordinary amounts of time, energy and money to their cars and races.


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