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Student Research Projects

LGBT Equal Rights Advocacy at the International Level: Successes, Obstacles, and Proposal for Improved Advancement.

Student Jessie Dawe
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. Laura Landolt
Department Political Science
Course POLS 499


This research project focuses on the advancement of equal rights for the LGBT community at the international level, as well as the ways in which international successes and shortcomings affect the LGBT community on the national level. At this point in time, there is little in the way of progress at the United Nations, however there are many noteworthy non-governmental organizations that are working in association with the United Nations to achieve LGBT equal rights around the world. Through my research, I have found that there is still much to be done in order to achieve full equal rights for the LGBT community, and a careful examination of the successes and shortcomings thus far has given some indication on how best to go about this goal for the future.


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