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Student Research Projects

Elementary Foreign Language Instruction: Putting it Forward as Part of the Core Curriculum

Student Diana Carrasco
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. B. Lively
Department Education
Course INST 482: Issues in Education


There is a lack of funding and a decrease in enrollment in foreign language courses. As a result, there is a decrease in the number of students who continue learning a new language because of specific guidelines listed in the core curriculum. Research shows that children at the elementary school level have higher advantages in learning a foreign language than students in secondary and high school levels. Surveys were conducted at Virginia Wesleyan College among students and faculty in order to investigate their previous experiences with learning a foreign language and whether they continue to be enrolled in courses that expand their understanding of a new language. Preliminary results show that there is a significant number of students and faculty who continue taking foreign language courses and show better understanding of different cultures as well as their own.


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