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Student Research Projects

Bon Curè: the counter-revolution of the French Vendèe

Student Jennifer Brownell
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. Sara Sewell
Department History
Course History 460: Senior Project Seminar


Much is generally known about the French Revolution, but very little about the short lived counter-revolution. In 1793, the inhabitants of Vendèe, in western France, rose up against the young republic in the name of the Catholic faith. I attempt to explain why the Vendeans were so religious and dedicated to clericalism, while their contemporaries elsewhere in France waged a war on the Catholic church. What was is that made the Vendèans so unique and separate from their countrymen? As peasants, why did they not support the egalitarian message of the Republic?


Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference, March 2008 at CNU
Featured Talk - Social Sciences Division
Academic Fair


VWC Undergraduate Research - Social Sciences Divisional Award for Outstanding Oral Presentation

Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference, March 2008 at CNU - Second Place Award


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