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Student Research Projects

Wildlife Crossing at the Bear Bridge

Student Braeden Miller
Michelle Rowe
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. Maynard Schaus
Department Biology
Course BIO 489: Research in Natural Sciences


In order to minimize vehicular accidents caused by wildlife, a 300-foot bridge was constructed on route 17. This bridge along with the miles of fencing connected to the bridge will hopefully work as a means of making the road safer by allowing wildlife to cross beneath the bridge rather than across the road. We are currently studying the effectiveness of this undercrossing using remote infrared wildlife cameras. To date, we have observed an average of 2.53 crossings per week, by various wildlife, with more crossings being in dry areas versus wet ones. This has taken place since November 8, 2005 and we expect the number of crossings to increase as the bridge becomes more of a natural structure in the eyes of the wildlife.


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