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Student Research Projects

Nitrogen Runoff from Green Roof

Student Braeden Miller
Samantha Porter
Michelle Rowe
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. Elizabeth Malcolm
Dr. Maynard Schaus
Department Biology
Course BIO 489: Research in Natural Sciences


We are testing the effectiveness of various layouts utilizing different green roof materials in order to quantify nitrogen runoff from 15 green roof test plots. These measurements will allow us to effectively evaluate and implement the construction of green roofs on Smithdeal and Gum Halls, as well as the planned LEED certified science building. This will allow for a safer, more environmentally friendly campus in the future. Thus far, we have found that the green roof test plots have had somewhat higher nitrogen in runoff due to nitrogen leaching from the soil matrix and fertilizers. Future studies will modify green roof materials in order to gain the best possible setup which will reduce the runoff of nitrogen in the planned green roofs to be constructed.

Supported by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency P3 Award


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