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Student Research Projects

Virginia Wesleyan College Green Roof Project: Phosphorous Analysis

Student MariCarmen Korngiebel-Rosique
Josephine Thurmond
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. Maynard Schaus
Department Biology
Course HNRS: General Ecology


Virginia Wesleyan College is engaging in an environmental study in which concentrations of phosphorous from runoff water are measured. We are collecting rainwater before and after it runs off standard gravel roof and various green roof plots. The four green roof configurations include plants with: drainage layer only, water retention foam only, drainage layer with foam, and no drainage or foam. The purpose of this experiment is to observe how the different roof types affect the amount of phosphorous in runoff water. Hopefully, this study will encourage people to utilize technology such as green roofing to reduce chemical contamination in runoff water, thereby reducing some environmental problems such as eutrophication.

Supported by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency P3 Award


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