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Research Grants

Virginia Wesleyan's Undergraduate Research Program is pleased to accept proposals from individual students or groups of students for funding in support of research projects.

In most cases, the maximum award is $1,000 to offset expenses associated with conducting independent research. Covered expenses might include research materials and travel to research sites.

To be considered for a research grant, the project/student must meet the following qualifications:

  1. The project must be independent research.
  2. The project must be endorsed by a full-time Virginia Wesleyan faculty member.
  3. The application should demonstrate that the student(s) has given considerable thought to the research project.
  4. The student(s) must be enrolled at Virginia Wesleyan College and show evidence of continuing enrollment at Virginia Wesleyan College or graduate school for the following semester.

Funds are available for all academic semesters, including the summer term. While the Undergraduate Research Program committee reviews all applications for research grants, it gives preference to applications received by the following dates:



For Fall

May 1st

For Spring

November 15th

For Summer

April 1st

Please Note: Applications that include a travel/airfare component must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the conference to be considered.

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