Student Research Projects

2007-2008 Projects


Capturing Suburban Angst
Student(s): Katie Heilenday

Collaboration (Artworks with multiple authors)
Student(s): Taylor Boyd

Depicting Self
Student(s): Pierrette Swan

Disconnection with the Natural Environment
Student(s): Scott Roberts

Graphic Design (Self Designed Commissions)
Student(s): Danielle Fiedler

Relief Sculpture (Exploring tree imagery)
Student(s): LeeAnne Morton

Shadow Play (Existentialism and light in painting)
Student(s): Sara Mullen

The Ocean's Cathedral (Wave imagery as a metaphor)
Student(s): Ellen Bryant

Art History

Comparative Images of Prostitution in Impressionist Art and After
Student(s): Shannon Agostino

Gender Bias and the 19th Century Criticism of the Sculpture of Camille Claudel
Student(s): Kathleen Mabry

Images of Smoking and Cigarettes in Late 19th and 20th Century Art
Student(s): Sara Mullen

Religious Art in the Nineteenth Century
Student(s): Kim Fahle

The Corrupting Power of Images and 19th Century Art
Student(s): Anna Sims


An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Campus Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Designs
Student(s): Katherine Burchett

Antibacterial/Antifungal properties of the nudibranch Doriopsilla pharpa and its sponge prey Cliona sp.
Student(s): David Curran

Bee Aggression: Why Bees Attack
Student(s): Bryttani Patton

Comparative study of the anatomy of harvestmen from Trinidad, with description of four new species
Student(s): Nouman Rana

Comparison of morphology in scolecophidian and alethinophidian snake skin
Student(s): Stephanie Couture

Cytotoxicity of Opisthobranch Egg Masses
Student(s): Parésa Taghavie-Moghadam

Defensive Behaviors of Harvestmen
Student(s): Danielle Dardis

Development of Harvestmen
Student(s): Nouman Rana

Diversity of Pulmonate Gastropods in Southeastern Virginia (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Polmonata)
Student(s): Lynsey Main

Effect of Visual Sensory Cues on Sea Turtle Movement
Student(s): Suzie Lazarowitz

Electrical and Olfactory Perception of the Stingray
Student(s): Mallory Offner

Electroreception in the Lives of Sharks: Feeding, Mating, and Navigation
Student(s): Mallory Offner

Green Roof Habitat Usage by Invertebrates
Student(s): David Curran

Hearing Frequencies of Local Semi-Aquatic Turtles
Student(s): Allison Shannon

Huddling Behaviors of Penguins
Student(s): Ashley Lindsey

Identification, Description, and Comparison of the Harvestmen Fauna of Northern Trinidad, La Selva, Costa Rica and El Cope, Panama
Student(s): Danielle Dardis

Impact of an omnivorous fish on nutrient dynamics in mesocosms via excretion and bioturbation
Student(s): Troy Horn '08, Corey Selecky '06, Kevin Wright '07, and Wanda Morris '05

Opisthobranch Mollusks from Virginia's Eastern Shore: Systematics and Development
Student(s): Pamela Bray

Review of Pseudoreplication in the Biomedical Literature
Student(s): Francis Manno III

Role of Semiaquatic Turtles in Lake Nutrient Cycles
Student(s): Katherine Burchett

Sensory Perception and Post-Emergence Behavior of Leatherback Sea Turtle Hatchlings at Petite Tacarib, Trinidad
Student(s): Suzanne Lazarowitz

Sexual Dimorphism in Turtles
Student(s): Casie Newton

Temperature-dependent Sex Determination in Reptiles
Student(s): Stephanie Couture

The Causes and Effects of Hypoxia in the Chesapeake Bay
Student(s): AJ Ward

The Effects of Development on Soenopsis invicta Territory Expansion
Student(s): David Curran

The Effects of Terrestrial Slug Herbivory on Vegetation
Student(s): Lynsey Main

The Sixth Sense: Electroreception in Elasmobranchs
Student(s): Hannah Ring

Use of a Designed Highway Undercrossing by Wildlife Over the First 2 Years of Use
Student(s): Kathleen Mabry, Samantha Porter '07


A Comparative Study of Antioxidant Levels in Fresh, Frozen and Canned Vegetables
Student(s): Paresa Taghavie-Moghadam

Conjugate Addition of Active Methylene Carbon Nucleophiles to Quinoline Vinylacetylines: New Access to the Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Benzoindolizines
Student(s): Rachel A Francher

Design and Synthesis of New Indolizine Derivatives
Student(s): Shannon Cassatt

Effect of Frozen Packaging on Total Phenolic Content of Strawberries and Blackberries
Student(s): Ashley Zimmerman

New Synthesis of Substituted Pyrrolo[1.2-a] Quinoxaline Derivatives Employing Quinoxaline 2-Vinylacetylenes
Student(s): Megan Cahoon

Practical Synthesis of Pyrrolo [1, 2-a] Quinoxalines
Student(s): Tamecka Melton, Telisa Holland

Preparation and characterization of quinoxaline 2(Z)-vinylhalides and quinoxaline vinylacetylenes: Key starting materials for the synthesis of biologically useful pyrroloquinoxaline heterocyclic derivatives.
Student(s): Telisa Holland and Tamecka Melton

Computer Science

Building a Cluster Computer
Student(s): Tom Fletcher

Designing an Inventory Database System
Student(s): John Ahigian

The Study of Online Cataloging Information Systems
Student(s): David Weirich

Web Colloquy: A Teacher-Student Communication Tool
Student(s): Torrance Zeiler

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Can Sea-Salt Aerosols Serve as a Sink for Gaseous Mercury?
Student(s): Matthew Richardson '08, Brianna Strain '08

VA Wesleyan College Energy Audit and Proposed Alternatives
Student(s): Victoria Brynildsen


Accelerated Reader: Diagnostic Teaching Tool or Supplemental Reading Program?
Student(s): Antonia Woods

America’s Minority Students Still Lag Behind: The Achievement Gap, Its Causes, and Possible Solutions
Student(s): Eileen De La Cruz

Are We Dumbing Down America?
Student(s): Mary Warnock

Being Involved: Parents Affect Children's Education
Student(s): Megan Chrisman

Early Intervention, the First Gatekeeper
Student(s): Tiffany Leppert

Elementary Foreign Language Instruction: Putting it Forward as Part of the Core Curriculum
Student(s): Diana Carrasco

How do Deaf and Hearing-impaired Children Adapt Language Development?
Student(s): Toni Montella

Including or Excluding: Is Inclusion Really a Practical Practice for Special Education Students?
Student(s): Desiree Lipinski

Parental Involvement—Could Your Child Be Affected?
Student(s): Lauren Melton

Research In Reading Education
Student(s): Francis Manno

The Absence of Recess and Its Effects on Elementary School Children
Student(s): Amy Yurksaitis

The Effects of Teen Pregnancy on Adolescent Mothers’ Education
Student(s): Adrienne Skinner

The Four Myths of Homeschooling vs. Reality
Student(s): Jillian Boyd


Ecology and Buddhism
Student(s): AJ Ward, Kristian Flitton, Matthew Ashby, Shaylyn Baker, Josh Blankenship, Ryan Gillespie, Tamecka Melton, Matt Pace, Sam Smith

Renaissance Psychology: The Humoral Theory, Its Societal Implications, and Its Role in William Shakespeare’s Literature
Student(s): Jackie Boyce

Sublimity to Mastery: The Developing Relationship of Man and Nature in William Wordsworth's "The Prelude"
Student(s): Shaylyn Baker

Health and Human Services

Emergency Contraceptives: Plan B
Student(s): Katie Albert

The Drug and Alcohol Use of Female College Student Athletes and Sorority Women
Student(s): Julie A. Maggioncalda


Bon Curè: the counter-revolution of the French Vendèe
Student(s): Jennifer Brownell

Changing Jamestown: Environmental Conditions and the Starving Time
Student(s): Brandan Adams

Indian Scouts during the Little Big Horn: A Forgotten People
Student(s): Hunter Morgan

St. Paul of Tarsus and St. Augustine of Hippo: A Comparison of the New Testament Writer and the Early Church Father
Student(s): Frederick Swift

The Evolution of Currency During the American Civil War
Student(s): John Maravich

The Jewish Resistance And Revolt in Sobibor
Student(s): Sean Coffey

The Struggle over Black Economic Agency on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the Post-Reconstruction Him Crow South
Student(s): Kentoya L. Downing


Homelessness and Tourism
Student(s): Lauren Paolino

Management, Business and Economics

A Meta-Analysis of Diversity Programs in American Organizations
Student(s): Kaitlin Allison

African American Women in Leadership Positions in Corporate America
Student(s): Nikki Bratton


A Study of Crystallographic Groups
Student(s): Kelli Karcher

Undergraduate Research Workshop in Mathematics
Student(s): Kelli Karcher


Formal analysis of 'Pantoum' from Ravel's Piano Trio
Student(s): David Weirich

Music Analysis
Student(s): Owen Davis and Luke Crownover

Music Research for Junior Recital
Student(s): Geoffrey Bell

Music Research for Junior Recital
Student(s): Coleman Gable


Humanitarianism and the Politics of Economic Development in Vietnam
Student(s): Julie Maggioncalda, Lauren Perry, Matthew Ryan, Lan Tran, Sarah Tytler

The Relationship Between Dioxin Exposure and Specific Genetic Disorders in Vietnam and Humanitarian Efforts to Aid Victims and the Community
Student(s): Lan Tran

Translation of Plato
Student(s): Ryan Pack

Political Science

Colombia: Democracy and Drug Trafficking
Student(s): Joshua Riley

Democracy Assistance: USAID in Bolivia and Uganda
Student(s): Nathanael Swann

Democracy in Eastern Europe and Russia
Student(s): Rosheena Lewis

Economic Factors in Democratization
Student(s): Ottavia Caesar

The Effects of an Independent Judiciary on Democracy
Student(s): Laura Jackson


College Students' Motivation to Volunteer: An Examination of Research and Values.
Student(s): Krystle L. Kitchen


An Investigation into the Effect of Volunteering on Life Satisfaction
Student(s): Bradford S. Jones & Mallori King

An Investigation of the Rehabilitation Needs of Women Incarcerated in a Mid-Atlantic Prison
Student(s): Holly A. Phaneuf, & Jason D. Silvia

Development of the Rigidity Inventory
Student(s): Normal G. Tippens III, Tanya Tyson, & Taryn Jordan

Gender Differences in Some Aspects of Smoking Behavior: Replication of an Investigation Testing Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory
Student(s): Whitney L. Schubert, Jaclyn Ochs-Gregory, & Sarah R. Saccone

Gossip as a Multifaceted Construct: Development of a New Gossip Questionnaire
Student(s): Eileen de la Cruz

The Effect of Film-Induced Mood on Processing Speed
Student(s): Diana M. Carrasco & Danielle M. Seisa

The Emotional Dependency Scale: A Review of its Development and Psychometric Properties
Student(s): Nicole Murback, Eileen, De LaCruz, Sequoia Holton, & Brian Conner

Religious Studies

Here I Stand: Martin Luther as Classical Hollywood Hero at the Diet of Worms
Student(s): Robins, Kori

St. Francis as Celebrity: Evolution of a Cinematic Saint
Student(s): Orman, Kathleen

The Crusades as Romance: The Adventures of Religious Wars
Student(s): Roane, Ashley

The Lifestyle of Chinese Buddhist Monastics
Student(s): Kori Robins


"Everyman" Stage Make Up Design
Student(s): James Cooke

Everyman: A Look at Its Place in History and Its Sources
Student(s): Kimberly Fahle - " Everyman: A Look at Its Place in History and Its Sources"

Women in Mathematics: Challenging Gender Typecasting in David Auburn's Proof
Student(s): Kelli Karcher

Women's and Gender Studies

It Was Our Duty: Motherhood and the German Nazi Regime
Student(s): Katherine Bradley

“Nothing but Smut”: Addressing Misrepresentations of Pornography and Advancing its Positive Attributes
Student(s): Jaclyn Boyce