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Student Research Projects

2006-2007 Projects

Art | Biology | Chemistry | Communication | Earth and Environmental Sciences | Education | English | Environmental Studies | Foreign Languages and Literature | Health and Human Services | History | Management, Business and Economics | Philosophy | Political Science | Psychology | Recreation | Sociology | Theatre


Research on the Production of Morbid Art
Student(s): Melissa Kepley


Harvestmen of Trinidad
Student(s): Lauren Heltsley, Daniel N. Proud, Danielle Dardis and Suzie Lazarowitz, Jessica Tibbetts

Parental Care and Multiple Paternity in the Cranaid Harvestmen of Trinidad, W.I.
Student(s): Dan Proud

Use of a Designed Highway Undercrossing by Large Mammals
Student(s): Samantha Porter, Braeden Miller '06, Michelle Rowe '06, Tara Redding


Antioxidant Activity in Citrus Fruits and Berries
Student(s): Caitlin Ward

Isolation, Purification, and Analysis of the Protein Toxin Found in the Barb of Urobatis jamaicensi
Student(s): Ashley Zimmerman and Caitlin Ward


Got Nitro? (documentary film)
Student(s): Reischa Curran

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Effect of Green Roofs on Runoff Water Quality
Student(s): Ivy Ozmon

Experimental Investigation of the Scavenging of Gaseous Mercury by Sea-Salt Aerosols
Student(s): Tara Redding, Bree Strain


Inquiry-Based Learning: Is it feasible in our current Standards Movement?
Student(s): Cheryl E. Powell

Teaching Through Music
Student(s): Molly Deaton


The Wild Horses of Corolla and Southeastern Virginia
Student(s): Leslie Clements

Environmental Studies

Impact of Nest Box Design and Placement on Brood Parasitism and Usage by the Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)
Student(s): Wanda Morris, '05

Foreign Languages and Literature

France's Political System
Student(s): Chantal Morley

Health and Human Services

Safety on Campus at VWC
Student(s): L. England, M. Jones, T. Kenworthy, A. Stover, L. Weidema, J. Johnson, H. Johnson, & C. Henderson

Student Perceptions of Health Services at Virginia Wesleyan College
Student(s): Lauren England

Who Supports HIV/AIDS in Hampton Roads?
Student(s): Michelle Jones


Female spies and changing gender roles during the Civil War.
Student(s): Jennifer Gillis

Out of God's Sight: Prostitution in 19th Century London
Student(s): Victoria Pendleton

Racial Relations and Free Persons of Color in New Orleans: 1803-1861
Student(s): Laura Nogrady

The political and religious consciousness of Quaker women in Philadelphia during the American Revolution.
Student(s): Kimberly Steindurf

Thomas More: Heretic Hunter or Heretic Himself?
Student(s): Evin Stovall

United at the Rock: The 1969 Native American Occupation of Alcatraz
Student(s): Victoria Pendleton

Management, Business and Economics

Safety and Health in the Mining Industry in North America
Student(s): Megan Reilly


The environment, health, and sustainable development in Vieques
Student(s): Matthew Ryan

Political Science

Argentina, Structural Adjustment and Democratization
Student(s): Stefanie Nijssen

Colonization and Democratization
Student(s): Gabrielle Guy

Does Chinese Gradualism Obstruct or Promote Long-Term Democratization?
Student(s): James Kerr

Eastern Europe v. Asian Tigers: Does Freedom of Speech Promote or Threaten Political Stability?
Student(s): Evan Rodway

International Organizations and Haiti: Did the UN Fail?
Student(s): Stephanie Kimec

Iraq: Does External Intervention Promote or Obstruct Democracy?
Student(s): Aaron R. Novy

LGBT Equal Rights at the United Nations: The Struggle for NGO Consultative Status
Student(s): Jessie Dawe

Nepal, USAID and Democratization
Student(s): Erica Boyce

Tanzania, Structural Adjustment and Democratization
Student(s): Alisan Moser

Toxic combination: Post-communist Russia and Shock Therapy
Student(s): Nicole Thurston

Vietnam: Democracy, Development and Environmental Protection
Student(s): Sarah Tytler


Discrimination Based Upon First Impressions
Student(s): Terry Kenworthy

The Effects of Situational and Dispositional Gratitude on Prosocial Attitudes
Student(s): Stephanie Compton


The Relationship Between Freshman Retention and Selected Factors at Virginia Wesleyan College
Student(s): Ashley J. Halicki


An On-Campus Homeless Shelter: Applied Sociology and Community-Service in Action
Student(s): Felecia Kiser


The Light Within
Student(s): Amanda Wolk

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