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Student Research Projects

2005-2006 Projects

Biology | Computer Science | Earth and Environmental Sciences | Education | Health and Human Services | History | Management, Business and Economics | Political Science | Psychology | Sociology | Theatre


Nitrogen Runoff from Green Roof
Student(s): Braeden Miller
Samantha Porter
Michelle Rowe

Research on species collected in Trinidad
Student(s): Jessica Tibbetts

Research on tropical and temperate species of harvestmen
Student(s): Rebecca Hunter

Various Studies on the Biology, Ecology, and Natural History of Harvestmen
Student(s): Daniel N. Proud

Virginia Wesleyan College Green Roof Project: Phosphorous Analysis
Student(s): MariCarmen Korngiebel-Rosique
Josephine Thurmond

Wildlife Crossing at the Bear Bridge
Student(s): Braeden Miller
Michelle Rowe

Computer Science

Virginia Wesleyan College Green Roof Project: Statistical Analysis
Student(s): Victoria Brynildsen
Krystian Dodds

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Adsorption of reactive gaseous mercury onto sea-salt aerosols
Student(s): Tara Redding

Geologic Mapping of the Briggs Ranch Quadrangle, Beaverhead County, Montana
Student(s): Timothy S. Turk
Mark Messina

Reducing Mercury Contamination with Green Roofs
Student(s): Ivy M. Ozmon


The Reasons for the Reduction of Recess Time in Primary Education and the Subsequent Effects on Students
Student(s): Christina Irby

Health and Human Services

Do You Wear Your Safety Belt?
Student(s): TyRon D. Northam

The Spending Habits of the College Student
Student(s): Jacob Abrams


A Reflection of Society: London Guilds During the Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth Centuries
Student(s): Jessica Schoenheider

Confederate Diplomacy with Europe
Student(s): Jennifer Gillis

Continuities in United States-Haitian Relations
Student(s): Nathaniel Barnhill

Cultural Effects of U.S.-Iranian Foreign Relations on Upper-Middle Class Women from 1953-1979
Student(s): Laura Nogrady

No Mercy: World War Two Pacific island combat shaped by environment, violence, and racism
Student(s): Robert John Thompson III

Preventing Communism In Occupied Japan
Student(s): Victoria Pendleton

The Free German Youth: Constructed Identity
Student(s): Benjamin Duff

The Monitor: Invention of War
Student(s): Chris Stine

The Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs): Changing Gender Roles in the World War II Workforce
Student(s): Laura A. Straley

Management, Business and Economics

Leadership Theory and Capacity Analysis
Student(s): J. Kristine Matthews

Steps for Recruiting in the Information Technology Industry.
Student(s): Patricia Lindsay

The Link Between Training and Performance
Student(s): J. Kristine Matthews

Political Science

An Analysis of the Literacy and Fertility Rate Correlation
Student(s): Carter B. Youmans

Antinatalist Policies of China and India.
Student(s): Christina M. Long

Comparable Women's Literacy Differences in India and Iran
Student(s): Roxie Atkins

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the Effects of Legislation on the Number of Cases in Ghana and Sudan
Student(s): Milicent Lynch

Gender and the Effects of Structural Adjustment Policies
Student(s): Dominique M. Lewis

Japan's Sex Industry: Past and Present
Student(s): April Gallagher

LGBT Equal Rights Advocacy at the International Level: Successes, Obstacles, and Proposal for Improved Advancement.
Student(s): Jessie Dawe

LGBT Rights in the Middle East: An In-Depth Look at (in)Tolerance in Egypt
Student(s): Virginia "Ginny" Oates

Personal Status Laws in Iran and Saudi Arabia
Student(s): Maria Merlo

Rights in the Middle East: An In-Depth Look at (in) Tolerance in Egypt.
Student(s): Virginia Oates

Structural Adjustment Policy and Its Effects on Third World Women
Student(s): Elisabeth Glad

The Status of Women in Jordan and Saudi Arabia the Differences and Their Causes
Student(s): Sarah McDermott

USAID, CIDA, and SIDA: Gender integration into development assistance.
Student(s): Elizabeth Allison Owens

Who is Using Up the Earth's Resources?
Student(s): Daniell Savage

Women as Symbols in Iran: Comparing Women's Rights under the Shah and the Islamic Republic
Student(s): Sara C. Edmonds


A Dollar for your Thoughts: The Effects of Gratitude on Prosocial Behavior
Student(s): Stephanie Vernell Compton

Effects of Human Animal and Justice Orientation on Perception of Inmates
Student(s): Patrice Sonell Brown

Task ambiguity, task performance, and efficacy: Relationships in a scholastic setting during independent tasks.
Student(s): Candice McCracken

The Development of the College Academic Scale: A Measure of College Student Motivation.
Student(s): Jessica S. Ellington, Chelsea J. Fry and Kristie L. Groves

The Effects of Physical Activity and Personality Style on Academic Performance
Student(s): Wendy Nicole Foy

The Effects of Test Anxiety and Course Importance on the Need for Course Structure
Student(s): Kara Waters


Correlation of Video Examination Results with Longevity of Employment at Chesapeake Sheriff's Office
Student(s): Lorraine Evelyn Bozard

Students and Academic Dishonesty
Student(s): Derek King


Understanding and Utilizing Grieving Processes
Student(s): Amanda Wolk

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