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Thomas More: Heretic Hunter or Heretic Himself?

Student Evin Stovall
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department History


My interest in Thomas More deals with his role as a Protestant polemic and his reversal in life to a conservative heretic after Henry's break from the Catholic Church. He fought ardently against Reformation thinkers including Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and Thomas Bilney. Using his Responsion ad Lutherum, Dialogue Concerning Heresies, and Confutation of William Tyndale's Answer, I examined More's process in attacking heretics. He was thorough, and steadfast throughout the process. After his fall from power More published The Apology of Thomas More and The Dialogue of Comfort. Despite his fall, More exhibited the same traits and orthodox beliefs as he did when Royal Chancellor. Ultimately More's characteristics made him suitable for hunting heretics and becoming a heretic himself.


VWC Undergraduate Research Travel Awards to Present at the MARCUS Conference and the Phi Alpha Theta Virginia Regional History Conference


MARCUS conference at Sweetbriar College - October 2006
Phi Alpha Theta Virginia Regional History Conference at JMU - March 31, 2007