Student Research Projects

LGBT Rights in the Middle East: An In-Depth Look at (in)Tolerance in Egypt

Student Virginia "Ginny" Oates
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Political Science
Course POLS 499: Senior Seminar: Gender & Development


In recent years there has been a global concern over violations of human rights in conjunction with homosexuality. The 'Queen Boat' case in Egypt sparked a global interest in the topic and helped fuel campaigns to end the discrimination and abuse of (alleged) homosexuals worldwide. The suddenness of the string of mass arrests of accused homosexual men in Egypt, which had rarely employed homophobic policy, is the focus of my research. I seek to determine the cause(s) behind this discriminatory campaign. Through extensive research on Egyptian history as well as current Egyptian politics, I was able to determine several plausible explanations for the abuse. In addition, by studying several United Nations reports, I was able to further my knowledge of human rights and violations of those rights.