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Student Research Projects

Cultural Effects of U.S.-Iranian Foreign Relations on Upper-Middle Class Women from 1953-1979

Student Laura Nogrady
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. Daniel Margolies
Department History
Course History 360: Junoir Research Seminar


This project looks at the cultural effects of U.S. - Iranian Foreign Relations on women in the upper-middle class from 1953 to the beginning of the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Instead of focusing on government actions, this project revolves around the lives of actual women; women whose lives have been documented by their own hand and translated into English. Placing these upper-middle class women in the contexts of Westernization, Islam, Gender, and Revolution has revealed a link to the wider view of American - Iranian foreign relations. Through research on all of these topics, a trend shows that close U.S. - Iranian relations were influential in the opportunities available to women in the mid to late twentieth century.

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