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Student Research Projects

Correlation of Video Examination Results with Longevity of Employment at Chesapeake Sheriff's Office

Student Lorraine Evelyn Bozard
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Sociology
Course SOCSCI 351


The Chesapeake Sheriffs Office in Virginia administers a video examination to deputy sheriff applicants as part of the screening process for employment. Research was completed to determine whether a positive correlation existed between the video examination test results (which is a predictor for employment longevity) and longevity of employment for deputy applicants. Extant data of the deputy applicants video examination scores from 1997-2005 were extracted from personnel files and correlated with the longevity of deputies employed. Classroom instruction was given on the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software and used for analyses in calculating the correlation between the two variables, test scores and longevity of employment. Through this research project, I learned the SPSS software program and how to interpret statistical data. Interaction with an agency and learning their recruitment techniques has been very beneficial, as well as informative, in what takes place when recruitment law enforcement officers are employed.

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