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Student Research Projects

The Development of the College Academic Scale: A Measure of College Student Motivation.

Student Jessica S. Ellington, Chelsea J. Fry and Kristie L. Groves
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Psychology
Course PSY 333: Assessment of Individual Differences Faculty


As part of our requirements in PSY 333 last semester, we worked as a group to develop an original psychological test that measures college student motivation, for academic success. We are now revising the test and studying its psychometric properties. This experience has given us a different outlook on research. We once saw research as boring and tedious, and now know it is fun and exciting! In addition to learning the fundamentals of psychological research, this experience has taught us to be more patient while working in groups. The three of us were together the entire semester in our regular classes, PLUS a great deal of time outside of class working on the project. We also learned to organize our time well, as each of us conducted this research in addition to our full-time coursework.

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