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Student Research Projects

Emergency Contraceptives: Plan B

Student Katie Albert
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Health and Human Services
Course SOC 350: Introduction to Social Research


For my research project I surveyed local pharmacies about their knowledge of the over-the-counter Plan B pill. I contacted local pharmacies by phone, such as Walgreen's and Target. I asked a number of questions pertaining to their knowledge of the drug. I asked a series of questions including if they have Plan B, what information they can provide about Plan B and where I can get Plan B if they do not have it. I also asked the pharmacist if they were willing to share personal thoughts on the drug. I also surveyed students at Virginia Wesleyan College to see what they knew about Plan B. I handed out a paper survey of about six questions to students in a classroom setting, asking them basic questions about Plan B. I gathered my data to find out whether or not the pharmacies in this area have Plan B and what they know about it. I was also looking to find out if students were aware of Plan B and where they were able to purchase it.

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