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Student Research Projects

Do You Wear Your Safety Belt?

Student TyRon D. Northam
Department Health and Human Services


This project presents the results of independent research that focuses on safety belt usage at Virginia Wesleyan College, the awareness levels for recent safety belt enforcement laws, and statistical information comparing the presence and absence of a safety belt in automobile accidents in the United States from 2000-2005. Voluntary surveys were dispersed, filled out, and collected to compile the data for this research. Once the data was compiled, it was then processed with the statistics program SPSS to yield things such as frequencies, correlations, and standard diviations. These outputs were then analyzed to In the process of completing this research project I have learned how to use the SPSS software, and how to analyze the out puts of statistical information. Through class lectures and chapter discussions, I have also learned how to find and plot out standard deviations. These skills proved to be valuable in the analysis stage of the project.

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