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Student Research Projects

A Comparative Study of Antioxidant Levels in Fresh, Frozen and Canned Vegetables

Student Paresa Taghavie-Moghadam
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Chemistry


The health benefits from the consumption of vegetables are well documented and included, but are not limited to: supplying vitamins, providing dietary fiber, and reducing risk of diseases. However, the effects of the processing of these vegetables on the antioxidant content of the vegetables are not as well documented. The purpose of this study is to extract and quantify the antioxidant levels, more specifically the soluble phenolic content, of fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables. The soluble phenolics were isolated from the fresh, frozen, and canned samples of spinach, green beans, and peas using solvent extraction. The soluble phenolic content of each extracted sample was quantified by a colorimetric assay using gallic acid for a standard. The phenolic content for each were compared to determine if the difference in processing could affect the antioxidant content of the vegetables. From the results of the study, there was no significant comparison or linkage between the three studied vegetables and their processing.


Virginia Section of the American Chemical Society Meeting in Charlottesville, April 2008

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