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Student Research Projects

The Relationship Between Dioxin Exposure and Specific Genetic Disorders in Vietnam and Humanitarian Efforts to Aid Victims and the Community

Student Lan Tran
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Philosophy
Course HUM 150 : Peaceful Steps: Service-Learning in a Global Context


During winter session, I will do a follow-up project on the research I did this past summer in Vietnam. The research this winter will have two points of focus. First, I will examine the effects of dioxin in the environment and human health. This is different from what I did this past summer, but the preliminary research will be valuable for both projects. Instead of doing a risk assessment for dioxin exposure as I did this summer (see attached research paper), I will research the evidence that Vietnam has proving or disproving the link between dioxin and genetic disorders. Second, I will help with a construction project in the Organic Garden at Friendship Village in Hanoi. Friendship Village houses and treats Agent Orange victims and the Organic Garden serves to feed the people there and is a symbol of a clean, healthy living environment. In addition, since Virginia Wesleyan is in the process of creating an organic garden on campus, I could use the opportunity to learn more about organic gardening. Also, we will speak to several doctors that we did not have a chance to speak to on our last trip because of time and location limits. I will conduct interviews with doctors who encounter many Agent Orange victims and talk with families during home assessments.


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