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Student Research Projects

Safety on Campus at VWC

Student L. England, M. Jones, T. Kenworthy, A. Stover, L. Weidema, J. Johnson, H. Johnson, & C. Henderson
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Health and Human Services
Course HHS 401


The HHS 401 Campus Safety Research Project was developed out of a case study assignment regarding the administration response to the murder of Officer Wally. Class members surveyed an availability sample in order to provide more insight into the effects of the response on student attitudes about safety. Using crisis theory, biopsychosocialspiritual theory and person in environment perspective to analyze the administrative response and campus reaction, students in the class gathered influential members of the campus safety task force to present the findings of the research. After the presentation, members of the task force and the HHS 401 class had an open discussion regarding the research and analysis which ended in recommendations that would improve safety on the VWC campus, some of which were implemented.

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