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Student Research Projects

Research on the Production of Morbid Art

Student Melissa Kepley
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Art
Course ART 450: Studio Art Seminar


I intend to create an exhibit that displays various styles of morbid art, giving various perspectives on life including, but are not limited to, loneliness, sadness, suicide, and hopelessness. In order to produce the most successful art exhibit possible, each of these skills and issues will have to be thoroughly researched and explored. The research that will be conducted to ensure the sufficient preparation in producing and participating in a professional exhibit includes: A) Researching currently established exhibits and galleries for technical understanding and mastering of the appropriate manners in which art should be displayed in a professional environment, paying special attention to lighting, framing, titling, pricing, organization and placement of pieces, different style of work etcetera. B) Researching the experiences and techniques of established artists who have influenced me and/or demonstrate a style parallel to that of my own work. Researching and understanding the ideas and processes of such prominent artists will help me reach my own full potential. C) Researching and experimenting with materials and techniques in order to create professional artwork worthy of being displayed in professional exhibits.


VWC Undergraduate Research Grant

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