Student Research Projects

Various Studies on the Biology, Ecology, and Natural History of Harvestmen

Student Daniel N. Proud
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Biology
Course BIO 375: Topics in Tropical Biology


During Summer 2005 I studied the neotropical species of harvestmen in Trinidad, where I looked at the use of logs, palm fronds, and bromeliads by harvestmen, scorpions, and amblypygids. Observations regarding the habitat use of these animals showed that palm fronds were used by scorpions, amblypygids, and harvestmen. Nests of up to 30 juvenile harvestmen were also found in palm fronds. The use of bromeliads was only exhibited by scorpions. Logs were often used by both harvestmen and amblypygids. During this study an undescribed species of harvestmen was found along the Morne Bleu Ridge above 600m in elevation. Parental care was also observed in one family of harvestmen (Cranaidae) along the Morne Bleu Ridge. From this research I have learned about the natural history of harvestmen and I have improved my style of presentation.