New Curricular Model

The New VWC Curriculum:  Information for Continuing Students


Your Virginia Wesleyan experience is about to get even better.

In Fall 2011, Virginia Wesleyan implements new initiatives designed to make every course more engaging and every program more focused on helping students become successful, independent learners.

For the past three years, faculty have been studying the newest research on what helps students learn effectively, retain what they learn, and apply it to real-world problems.  As a result, we are restructuring the curriculum and enhancing every course and program.

The best part for you is that we are making this change in such a way that you will get all the benefits of the transition without losing any of the progress you have made toward your major and your degree.

What will change?

The standard course will go from three credit hours to four credit hours, allowing each course to explore content more deeply and to offer more engaging learning activities for students. Instead of taking five three-credit courses in a semester, students will typically average four four-credit courses.

What form will the new four-credit courses take?

Some courses will meet four hours per week and cover additional material, thereby meriting a fourth credit. Many other courses, however, will meet only three hours a week in the classroom but be enhanced with out-of-class experiences and projects meriting that fourth credit; these experiences may include, as examples,  field trips, volunteer work, independent and collaborative research projects, and work with technological tools.  In other words, students will have expanded opportunities to learn by doing, to connect theory to practice, and to link their classrooms to the world.

What will happen to Winter Session?

We will still have Winter Session.  It will be extended by two days and will offer expanded credit opportunities.

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