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New Courses 2014-2015

The following courses have been approved during the 2014-2015 academic year:

COMM 450  Documentary Film Production (4)
A guided individual study with primary focus on the production of a documentary short film.  The production work will be supplemented by guided study in the history and theory of documentary film.  Course enrollment is limited to one student per semester.  Prerequisites: COMM 250 and consent.  Offered select semesters.
ENG 305  Postcolonial Literature (4)  W
Introduces postcolonial literature and the historical forces and literary influences shaping writers from countries with a history of colonialism or writers who have migrated from formerly colonized countries.  Course may focus on a selected region, movement, tradition, or theme, and features Anglophone literature and, occasionally, works in translation.   Prerequisites: Any “T” course, and ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher.  Offered every spring.

ENG 370  Early American Literature (4)   W
Seminar beginning with pre-contact indigenous texts and contact between Europeans and Native Americans and moving through colonial, Revolutionary, and Federalist periods to roughly 1820.  Emphasis includes non-fiction texts, the Revolution and the founding of the United States.  Attention is also given to Spanish-American and other literatures of exploration.  Prerequisites:   Any “T” course, and ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher.  Offered spring of odd-numbered years.

FR 320  French through Film and Literature (4)
Provides language learning and intensive practice in advanced-level reading, listening, speaking, writing, and culture through recent French films and canonical literary works.  Taught in French. Prerequisites: FR 213 or consent. Offered on demand.

POLS 200  Topics in Political Science (4)
An examination of selected topics in political science.  Offered on demand.

PSY 370  Sensation & Perception (4)         
Explores how we perceive and understand the world around us based on physical energy, neural activity, and knowledge, and how our perceptions can be flawed. Broadly explores philosophical, neurological, cognitive, and clinical approaches.  Interactive demonstrations will allow students hand/eyes/ears-on experience analyzing and interpreting data.  Prerequisites: PSY 101, PSY 102, or equivalent. Offered spring of odd-numbered years.

RELST 308  Lobbying & Religious Advocacy (4)    S
Examines how – through approaches to lobbying and political advocacy – different religious communities engage in American politics, how their religio-historical views play a role in that engagement, and how their socio-historical context often have determined (or continue to determine) their level of access in the political realm.  Offered in Winter Session.


MBE 222  Introduction to Financial Management (2)
An introduction to Financial Management for students not majoring in Business, the course provides students with the basic tools of financial analysis and planning – leading to better decision-making in both their professional and personal lives.  Topics include analysis of financial statements, the time value of money, and capital budgeting.  Prerequisites:  ENG 105 with a C or higher, and MATH 104 or MATH Placement level H, A or B.  Offered Winter Session 2015 only.

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