Major and Minor Requirements

Requirements to Major in Religious Studies

Religious Studies is a field of inquiry located within the humanities. It provides students with

  • basic understanding of one historical religious tradition
  • exposure to other traditions
  • familiarity with more than one approach to the study of religion.

Prospective majors should consult a member of the department. Religion courses also satisfy certain requirements and options in divisional and other major programs.

Students seeking to earn a Religious Studies Major are required to take

  • RelStudies 217 The Old Testament World and Literature
  • RelStudies 218 The New Testament World and Literature
  • RelStudies 303 Saints and Heretics
  • RelStudies 304 The Damned, the Saved, and the Enlightened
  • RelStudies 116 World Religions
  • both RelStudies 361 Great Thinkers and Topics in Religion RelStudies 340 Ritual or RelStudies 345 Explaining Religion

These 28 hours constitute the core of Religious Studies at Virginia Wesleyan. In addition, students must take at least one more Religious Studies course at the 300-level or higher.

Requirements to Minor in Religious Studies

A minor in religious studies consists of at least 18 semester hours of religious studies courses. Students need to take:

  • RelStudies 116 World Religions
  • at least one biblical studies course (RelStudies 217 The Old Testament World and Literature or RelStudies 218 The New Testament World and Literature)
  • and at least one course in historical theology (RelStudies 303 Saints and Heretics or RelStudies 304 The Damned, the Saved, and the Enlightened).

In addition to these three courses, students must take at least two other courses at the 300/400 level.

For the minor, a minimum of 9 hours must be taken in resident at VWC. A course taken to fulfill a major requirement may not count for a minor requirement. However, a course used to fulfill a minor requirement may be used to fulfill a General Studies requirement. A 2.0 GPA (C) average is required for all courses taken in the minor field. All courses taken for a minor must be traditionally graded.

The student is responsible for monitoring the fulfillment of the minor requirements. During the final semester in attendance, the student should secure the appropriate form for documentation from the Registrar's Office. This can be presented to any full time faculty member of the Religious Studies department who will formally certify the completion of the minor. The student must then return the completed paperwork to the Registrar's Office no later than March 1 if he/she is a potential May or August graduate or by October 1 for a potential December graduate.