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Honors and Scholars Program

Rewarding You for Excellence

Scholarship. Leadership. Service.


Since the introduction of the Wesleyan Scholars program in 1985 and its expansion in 1995, the Honors and Scholars Program at Virginia Wesleyan College has been encouraging campus-wide scholarship. The Honors and Scholars Program offers competitive merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen and transfer students to attract quality students who will be intellectual leaders in the classroom and community leaders on campus. The Honors and Scholars Program encourages academic excellence and ensures that, once here, our best students have an intellectually enriching and challenging experience. The program is open to all Virginia Wesleyan students who qualify.

The Honors and Scholars program offers many benefits, both to participating students and to the College as a whole. The program allows honors students to go beyond the usual disciplinary boundaries of a subject, to develop individualized approaches to existing classes, and to increase one-on-one interaction with professors. Wesleyan and Presidential Scholars also receive benefits for participating in the program, such as priority housing in East Hall, priority registration, co-curricular events and opportunities. It also benefits the Virginia Wesleyan community as a whole, by creating a greater awareness of scholarly achievement on campus, providing a model of honor within the community, sponsoring programs that raise the level of intellectual engagement and discourse on campus, and offering professors the chance to develop courses that will excite them as much as they do the students. Read more about Virginia Wesleyan scholars in Intellectual Inquirer.

Goals of the Honors and Scholars Program

  • To enhance and make more visible the idea of Virginia Wesleyan as a community of scholars
  • To reward academic excellence on our campus
  • To provide a model of honor within the campus society

More Information

If you are a potential applicant to Virginia Wesleyan interested in merit-based scholarships, you should contact the Admissions Office to ask about Presidential Scholarships and the Wesleyan Scholarship Competition.

If you are a student interested in graduating with "Latin Honors" (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude), contact the Registrar's Office or consult the College catalog to learn more about the requirements.

If you have questions about the Honors and Scholars Program, please contact Dr. Joyce Easter at 757.455.2126.

In addition to Dr. Easter, the Honors and Scholars Program is administered by a committee consisting of one professor from each academic division. Professor Sharon Payne (Social Sciences), Dr. Terry Lindvall (Humanitites), and Dr. Margaret Reese (Natural Sciences and Mathematics) comprise the 2014-2015 committee.

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