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Samuel Nelson Gray Award

Presented annually for distinguished teaching, the Samuel Nelson Gray Award recognizes effectiveness as a classroom teacher, creative activity within or pertaining to the classroom, demonstrated influence in developing professional interest and attitudes in one's academic field, and professional activity on or off campus. Annual recipients are selected by a group of students following a carefully structured procedure, and the award is announced each year at Commencement.


1980                           William R. Shealy
1981                           Betty L. Jefferson
1982                           Edmund D. Carlson
1983                           Charles L. Kessler
1984                           Daniel W. Graf
1985                           William A. Sturm
1986                           Betty Jefferson Harris
1987                           Edmund D. Carlson
1988                           Daniel W. Graf
1989                           Kathy Merlock Jackson
1990                           David G. Garraty
1991                           Douglas A. Kennedy
1992                           Linda A. Ferguson
1993                           William M. Jones
1994                           Steven M. Emmanuel
1995                           William J. Ruehlmann
1996                           Linda L. Logan
1997                           Craig S. Wansink
1998                           Clayton Drees
1999                           Neil P. Ramsey
2000                           Douglas A.  Kennedy
2001                           Theodore M. Vial, Jr.
2002                           Joyce B. Easter
2003                           Lawrence D. Hultgren
2004                           Susan Wansink
2005                           Thomas R. Fanney
2006                           Karen A. Bosch
2007                           William J. Ruehlmann
2008                           Douglas A. Kennedy
2009                           Kathy S. Stolley
2010                           Rita E. Frank
2011                           Craig S. Wansink
2012                           Sara A. Sewell

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