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Quality Enhancement Plan

Sea Change


Virginia Wesleyan College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), titled Sea Change, is an opportunity to embrace and amplify the College’s dedication to experiential learning.

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning is very much what it sounds like: learning through experience or learning through “reflection on doing.” It often includes learning that takes place outside the traditional classroom setting. The QEP will provide students with more resources and opportunities to participate in three key areas of experiential learning:

  • Study Away

  • Internships

  • Undergraduate Research

Experiential learning has long been a part of the liberal arts education offered at Virginia Wesleyan College. Yet, the need for the types skills students gain through these experiences has only multiplied. These skills are in high demand in the fast-paced global economy and communications culture that await our graduates as they prepare for meaningful lives and careers. The name Sea Change is a metaphor for the transformative effect these experiences have on students.

Our message to students? Go. Do. Discover...

GO. Want to change the world? Start by exploring it. Seize the day and Study Away.

DO. There’s no better way to learn than by experience. Get real with great Internships.

DISCOVER. Good ideas start as good questions. Ask them through Undergraduate Research.

QEP Process and Purpose

Work began on the creation of a new Quality Enhancement Plan for VWC in the spring of 2013 as part of the College’s regular accreditation reaffirmation process with the Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS). The plan is subject to final review by SACS, and implementation begins in fall of 2015.

By creating a more cohesive and compelling curriculum that integrates experiential learning activities into a rigorous course of study grounded in the liberal arts, the goal of the QEP is to raise both the quantity and quality of experiential learning opportunities.

At the heart of the QEP is the creation of introductory experiential learning activities that prepare students for more advanced activities. These activities have a clear developmental pathway, guiding students to develop the intellectual and professional skills essential for success in their personal, academic, professional, and civic lives.

Perhaps most importantly, the plan aims to break down barriers students may face in taking advantage of these opportunities by increasing the visibility of relevant programs; preparing students in a sequential way for experiences on four specific levels; enhancing administrative and structural support; and providing additional resources.

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