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She is a legend and at the age of 72 there doesn?t seem to be any stop in her. Dame Vivienne Westwood the humble girl from Derbyshire who is too known for your activist work as she is her fashion line has recently launched a fantastic brand new collection which has some good shirts in it and they will make excellent gifts this particular Christmas. I have used a closer look at the buy vivienne westwood shirt and here is a selection of my favourites. My first shirt may be the classic plain white three button shirt. It's a blend of cotton and elastane which provides for a slim fit. The Oxford design collar with button downs helps maintain the classic appearance of the shirt. The actual famous orb motif for which Westwood famously embodies on to each garment can be found on the left breast. The orb is azure and silver and whilst small and discreet this adds a touch of colour to what would be a basic classic white shirt. Every man should have a decent white shirt since they are therefore versatile. They can be worn for professional put on and can be worn along with jeans for the smart informal look and what a better way to stand out from the crowd, by wearing a simple white shirt with the famous Westwood orb, he or she are going to look so stylish. This shirt is well priced at around two hundred pounds for some this might seem high end but it is always worth remembering that every gentleman requires a decent white shirt in the wardrobe. From a meeting, funeral, wedding these are merely a few times that you need a decent white shirt. Why invest in buying cheap and having several when the key to a great wardrobe has fewer items but great quality ones. If you wish to buy anything from this range then go for the simplicity of a whitened shirt.

We always assume that when we buy from this fashion house we are going to get wacky punk rut garments the fact is this winter season we see much more classic timeless garments particularly when it comes to vivienne westwood shirt stockist I'm a touch disappointed the collection doesn?t have a few more rather striking items punk art and tartan are not so dominating this season. The black poplin shirt is another rather simple or perhaps basic shirt which is available in black and white. It's really a simple button down black shirt with the famous orb emblem on the breast wallet, again this is inside a striking baby blue with a silver edge, it is small and discreet but anyone who knows style is going to know you are wearing Westwood.

There is a excellent selection of polo shirts available in numerous colours and these are usually slim fit. The collection this season really offers the basics that every man should have in his clothing, why not treat the boys in your life to some great shirts by this legendary designer.

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