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The purpose is the fact that you can choose to link enjoyment to whatever you wish to. <br /> <br />If somebody beats you, and succeeds in convincing you that this is an work of love, your mind will link delight to this situation and you know what?s next right :). It is the same with every behavior we often repeat. This is how the routine is established. The good thing is your brain is very effective machine but you?ll have to study to control it. <br /> <br />I?ve found this conclusion before I quit-smoking, and this thought start bothering me. I wasn't pleased with myself after this summary, and from this perspective I imagine this was the turning point for me. Instantly I started to notice every little reason I offered to myself, and how was I trained to smoking. Day after day I became more and more conscious of the excuses that have been responsible and rule over me. Soon I start to analyze and begin to imagine how life might appear to be without a cigarette. It requires me more than a year to link that non-smoking is extremely COOL! <br /> <br />Today I?m a non-smoker, and I enjoy every second of more conscious?me?. I also appreciate that I can choose why, when and how can I feel in every moment. <br /> <br />That impressed me on something different, do you know that there's one big advantage that every smoker have over a non-smoker. Seems ridiculous I know, but it?s true. If you succeed in quitting cigarettes, imagine how much impetus you?ll gain for every other element in your life, the fact that you're a smoker now can be quite a huge turning point for your entire life. You?ll be strong and more motivated for every single task in the future, because you quit this smoking habit, you're responsible now and in the future. You?ll believe in yourself more, and you?ll like yourself more. Isn?t this the fact of the good life? <br /> <br />Imagine my friend, only imagine! <br /> <br />Article source: <br /> <br /> <br />

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