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Division Chairs and Department / Program Coordinators

A Structure of Excellence

Virginia Wesleyan College offers a wide variety of majors across three divisions: Humanities, Natural Science and Mathematics, and Social Sciences (including Pre-professional Study). The possibilities for your education are endless!

When you attend college on our campus, you are welcome to design your own major — chart your own path — to end up with a degree tailor-made to fit your vision for your future. For example, one student created his own program that combines a major in German language with a music major. His collegiate experience not only involves a unique program on campus, but also spending a year in Germany immersing himself in the German language and studying the composers and rich musical history of the Rhineland.

The options are many at Virginia Wesleyan. The only certainty is that you will come away with an outstanding education, delivered at the hands of exceptionally talented professors who have equipped you well for the challenges ahead.

Division Chairs


Dr. Travis B. Malone
Leslie Hines, Administrative Assistant

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Maynard H. Schaus
Catherine Hartman, Administrative Assistant

Social Sciences

Dr. Robert B. Albertson
Jane Kiefer, Administrative Assistant

Department Coordinators

American Studies*

Dr. Eric Mazur


Ms. Sharon Swift


Dr. Soraya Bartol


Dr. Paul Ewell

Chemistry/Physical Science

Dr. Joyce Easter


Dr. Benjamin Haller

Communications and Journalism

Dr. Kathy Merlock Jackson

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Elizabeth G. Malcolm


Dr. Malcolm Lively


Dr. Michael Hall

Environmental Studies*

Dr. Lawrence D. Hultgren
Dr. Maynard H. Schaus

Foreign Languages and Literatures

Dr. Mavel Velasco


Dr. Dan Margolies

Comprehensive Liberal Studies*

Dr. Clayton Drees

International Studies* 

Dr. Murrell Brooks

Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Margaret Reese


Ms. Lee Jordan-Anders


Dr. Larry Hultgren


Dr. Garry E. Noe

Political Science

Dr. Aubrey Westfall


Dr. Craig Jackson

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Dr. Wayne Pollock

Religious Studies

Dr. Craig S. Wansink

Social Sciences*

Dr. Robert Albertson

Social Work

Dr. Benjamin D. Dobrin

History and Social Science*

Dr. Dan Margolies

Sociology and Criminal Justice

Mr. Scott Liverman


Dr. Travis Malone

Women's and Gender Studies*

Dr. Taryn A. Myers

* denotes a special major or program at the College, not an academic department

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